Super foods that you should have for Complete Health Care

Super foods

There is no food on earth that can make you look and feel the best overnight. But the effects of taking the right foods and ideal nutrients will surely start to show over a period of time. Real beauty is not only skin deep, its how you are inside out – a healthy heart, a glowing skin and the energy to breeze through the toughest days with confidence. Eat right, exercise hard, find ways to manage stress and get enough sleep; these should be the basics of your life. While all this will surely help, eating super foods will get you quickly to your goal of overall improvement in health.

Here are some super foods that will give your skin a healthy glow, boost heart health and help you shed extra fat.


Blueberries are extremely rich in antioxidants, thereby improving heart health. Studies have shown that three servings of a mix of strawberries and blueberries each week cuts the risk of heart attack by almost 30%. Further, antioxidants prevent sun damage and hence eating blueberries is one sure way to maintain a young and glowing skin. It is a good medium for weight loss too. Blueberries are rich in fibre and make you feel full. Hence you eat less and stop putting on those extra pounds.


Oats has been the subject of intense research by dieticians and nutritionists and has always come out tops because of their many positive effects on the human body. It has a greater effect than whole grains for lowering cholesterol, reducing body fat significantly and trimming waistlines. It also helps reduce food intake because it gives a “full” feeling after intake. There is nothing to beat oats for a healthy skin as it is rich in nutrients like zinc, niacin and copper.


Most people do not realise the true potential of walnuts as a super food because it is high in calories. However, few plant foods can match the nutrient value of walnuts. They are high in ALA, the omega-3 heart healthy nutrient as well as protein and fibre that leads to weight loss. A surprising find of research on walnuts is that it activates that part of the brain that controls cravings for food. This is a major aspect for those wishing to lose weight quickly. Walnuts also lead to a younger-looking healthy skin. Vitamin E, zinc and selenium nourish and protect the skin while anti-oxidants play a big role in reversing the ageing process.

These are some of the super foods that you should have for comprehensive health care. This list is not exhaustive, in fact avocados and fish such as salmon also have super food properties. Make these a part of your diet for a fit and disease free life.